Makewell is an annual, submission-based zine published through Salt Shaker Press, featuring creative work  both local and national. The mission of Makewell is to platform artists and writers through reflective prompts and community engagement. Makewell exists as an online publication with a limited physical release. 

Our online store is currently under construction, but all volumes of Makewell will be available for online purchase as a PDF again shortly!

Pick up a copy at Woodland Pattern in Riverwest or Facilitating Situations in Walker's Point!

Submissions are closed at this time. Check back soon for our Volume 4 prompt!

past prompts:

Makewell Vol. III

From my hand to yours:

What does it mean to share joy in a gesture?

Makewell Vol. II

Love the fight / fight with love - how does love occupy the same space as resistance?


Makewell Vol. I

Why do we fight? Why do you fight?