1 May - 15 May

Don’t Forget the Sweetener

A digital exhibition hosted by Pink Salt Art Collective

Curated by Izzy Waite


“Don’t Forget the Sweetner” is a digital exhibition responding to the uncertain times we, as a global community, are living through. Just as in baking, sweetness tastes sweeter with the presence of salt. For this exhibition, artists, while remaining critical of their government’s responses to the current pandemic, community behaviors and lack of foresight and preparation, are proposing alternative ways to find comfort and recognize togetherness through various mediums. It is our hope that the varied experiences of artists from the United States, United Kingdom and Philippines will provide a deeper understanding of this shared moment. 

This exhibition is an internet journey, guiding you through the practices of artists and their online presence. To participate, simply follow the links made available on each participating page.